Our superior team of physicians, researchers

Christel Rousseaux, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Christel is holding the leadership of the Company after 10 years as project manager. Prior to joining Intestinal Biotech Development, Ms. Rousseaux has held a senior searcher position for eight years in the INSERM (French National Medical Research Institute) academic laboratory devoted to the patho-physiology of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases headed by Prof Pierre Desreumaux, at the University of Lille (France).
Ms Rousseaux is PhD from the University of Science and Technology of Lille. She completed her post-doctoral studies at the IBD research unit  at the University of Lille.


Pierre Desreumaux, MD, PhD
Chief Science Officer

Pierre Desreumaux is Professor of Gastroenterology, PhD in Immunology at the University and Medical School of Lille. Clinician in the Department of gastroenterology and nutrition of the university hospital of Lille, he is also head of the Research Unit on the patho-physiology of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Elected as "the best clinical researcher" in 1995 by the National Medical Research Institute (INSERM), he founded DIGESTSCIENCE in 2008, a Foundation for research in Digestive Tract and Nutrition Diseases. PubMed medical database recorded more than 135 publications of Pierre Desreumaux.
Prof Pierre Desreumaux is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Intestinal Biotech Development


Caroline Dubuquoy, MSc
Lab. engineer

Caroline Dubuquoy is currently the laboratory engineer within Intestinal Biotech Development. In this role Caroline is planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials recording and analysing data demonstrating procedures, collecting, preparing and/or testing samples
Prior to joining the company, Mrs Dubuquoy has been working as lab engineer in the research academic lab run by Prof Pierre Desreumaux for 8 years and in the biology test laboratory during two years. She is familiar with varied biology techniques including molecular biology, cellular biology, immune-histo-staining as well as in-vivo animal models assays
Caroline holds the Master of Science degree from the University of Douai (France).


Philippe Chavatte, PharmD, PhD
Scientific consultant

Professor Philippe Chavatte is currently Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Lille. He is Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Faculty. Also Director of the Albert Lespagnol Pharmaceutical Chemistry Institute in Lille, his research interests lie in the application of molecular modeling to discover and develop new drugs against the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and, more particularly, for a new identified and validated therapeutic targets in IBD: PPARYand CB2.
Philippe is advisor in Medicinal Chemistry for Intestinal Biotech Development


Nghiep Truong Tan, MD
Senior Consultant

Nghiep is co-founder of Intestinal Biotech Development in 2008. Prior to joining Intestinal Biotech Development, he has held in the pharma industry for 25 years in varied senior positions in France and Belgium in Marketing, Medical Affairs, and Business Development roles, in different companies like Sterling-Winthrop, Sanofi, Medeva, Celltech and UCB. He was responsible for medical development programs in the fields of hypolipidemic drugs, respiratory compounds, vaccines… Formerly, he was Medical Director in charge of the medical and marketing development for biologic compounds in Crohn's Disease, for New Chemical Entities in Narcolepsy-Cataplexy, and in ADHD.
A native of Saigon (Vietnam), Nghiep received his college education in Paris and was qualified Medical Doctor at the University of Paris, School of Medicine